Our Workspace

Above you can see where we gather to create beautifully designed, recycled materials. Here we collaborate with Werkhuis and Werkgebouw to create a welcoming environment where volunteers gather to turn trash into products of all shapes and sizes.

Werkgebouw in its essence works with craftsmen to create all kinds of products, working with glass, iron, wood work, as well as furnitures, textiles, and many more. The Werkgebouw also carries out workshops at their own workspace located in Tapjinkazerne, Building W.

The Werkhuis similarly aims to bring together artists of different kinds, making their workspace widely available to those who need it. Additionally, the Werkhuis carries out a collection of workshops which are available to the public and works to brings locals and students alike together.

The workspace Precious Plastic Maastricht, Werkgebouw and Werkhuis have created is located near the train station in the Werkhuis original location.

Where can you find it exactly?