What are we up to?

Mass Maas Clean-up (Sustainability festival) – Code043 Build the City contest

A month into our creation as the Precious Plastic Maastricht team, we participated in the Code043 Build the City contest. We pitched a sustainable festival, the Mass Maas Clean-up as our idea, and this won us the competition.

We may be the ones planning it but this is something by the whole community and for the whole community. Everyone is invited to take part: the students, the locals and everyone in between.

What is the event all about?

To begin, a clean-up will take place in the morning. Although Maastricht appears to be a sparkly city, there is trash lurking everywhere. From under bushes to ponds and hidden behind trees, waste is unfortunately easily seen once one pays closer attention. The afternoon will then be filled with workshops, information exhibits, food and music. Workshops will be geared towards all ages and all levels of passion towards sustainability. There will be an information market showcasing environmental organizations and other organizations here in Maastricht. And a festival isn’t complete without food and music. This festival will bring everyone together, and work towards a cleaner, more united Maastricht.

Student Idea competition –

As Precious Plastic, we participated in the 2019 UM Student Idea Competition with an idea called “Think Before you Throw”: an idea pitched to reduce aspirational recycling within Maastricht University by allowing students to become more actively involved in the recycling process. The concept includes the collection of used pens thrown out by students and staff members which will be collected in various faculties of UM, and we will recycle them in our workspace. Students and other volunteers will also be able to participate in the recycling process and design products with us.

School Outreach

As an organisation we also find education a crucial step in reducing waste creation and in fostering sustainable behaviour. Therefore our school outreach is very important and we are running workshops in both local schools and Maastricht University to raise awareness in the vibrant and motivated community of the young people of Maastricht, so as to work to a better future. The workshops involve games and the presenting of sustainable related information, and are tailored to suit the age groups of the audience.

Through projects we have organised, students of Maastricht University and United World College Maastricht (UWC) are also being given the opportunity to work with Precious Plastic as part of their curriculum.