About Us

The Core Precious Plastic Maastricht Team

The core members of Precious Plastic Maastricht come from all around the world and came together in the hope of creating a better world. Below you can see a few of our faces, and some of our stories. Together we are working towards the creation of a circular economy in Maastricht.

But the team wouldn’t be much without the people around it supporting us, of which there are many. More than we could name.

The concept of Precious Plastic was first created in 2013 by Dave Hakkens. Since then, the project has spread across the globe. The goal: turning plastic waste into durable, recyclable items. And that is exactly what Precious Plastic Maastricht will be doing starting Fall 2019. Meanwhile workshops, education, events and competitions are keeping us busy, so keep yourself updated on our doings and let us know if you want to participate in this adventure!